Instructor led training

Maths ZN ppt.pptx

Tools: PowerPoint and Microsoft Word

Time: 12 hours

Client: School Academy

Collaborators: IDOL


Although I had created many parent workshops, this was different as I was not working as a Primary School Teacher at the time. Moreover, many SATs targets had changed, therefore I had to ensure I was up-to-date.

Maths handout 1.pdf


Speak to the school Head Teacher (SME) and research around the topic of SATs to see what the latest targets are.


A fantastic session which all teachers and parents/carers enjoyed. I had a lot of positive feedback stating how engaging and interactive the whole session was!

How to add text to a shape in word.mp4

Tools: ScreenFlow

Time: 2 hours

Client: Personal Portfolio piece

Collaborators: NA


I had never used this piece of software, therefore it was a complete and utter challenge for me. I firstly did not know what to create it on, therefore just searched various tutorials. When I finally got my idea, I didnt know how to use the software or where to even begin.


Watch various YouTube videos, play around with the technology and give it a go! EDIT, EDIT, EDIT! Play the video several times and see what needs changing.


The video above. I tried my best and I know I slipped up on a few words. I have attached the script for this video, on the scripting section of the website.